Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hugo Chavez and life on Mars

So a few weeks ago I blogged a bit about Venezuela. My friend Christy recently sent me the following quote from Hugo Chavez that I thought was really worth sharing:

Turning away from the Middle East to the Americas we cannot help but report the
following statements by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez... the Americas'
closest thing to N. Korea's Kim Jung-Il. Speaking on television recently, Chavez

"Capitalism makes democracy impossible. Capitalism makes social justice
impossible. If we don't change this system, the world is going to end. The
eternal existence of our planet is not guaranteed. Look at other planets. In
Mars there was water. It's possible they will soon find remains of living
beings. Who knows how many years ago there was life on Mars? Mars is very
similar to Earth. It rotates around the sun almost the same as Earth. It's very
likely that there was life on Mars. It's possible that the Martians couldn't
keep life going on their planet.

"Old Karl Marx was right. Capitalism, monopolies, the exploitation of man by
man, Karl Marx's theory was correct. We have to break this model of domination.

I have a lot of friends in Venezuela and I really feel for them. This guy is turning back the clock in a world that has impirically proven over and over that he's dead wrong and that his people's suffering is probably just beginning. No idea where the whole Mars business came from, but wow, that was a tangent if I've ever seen one . . .
Sad business. On a very selfish note - we get tons of oil from Venezuela and he'll probably be turning that off pretty soon, just out of spite for our "capitalist" society. Anyway, I just found this interesting.
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