Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dangers of Rock-Skipping

Over the weekend we did a little camping with other families in our ward (church congregation).  The clear highlight of this for both kids and adults is that from the moment we arrive the kids disappear and turn into roving mobs of excitement-seekers far from the gaze of the parental units.  This works well with the parental units as well, who assume that the kids will be self-policing, in much the same way that we stupidly blindly assume that Middle-Eastern governments and beauty-pageant-contestants will be self-policing.  It’s just easier not to get in the middle of all that action.

The sudden lack of kids gave the Mrs HTF and I the chance to go for a stroll by the nearby river.  Being near water it’s hard to resist the urge to throw rocks.  Near this particular river were numerous skipable (a word not recognized by my spell-checking-software) stones.  (aside – if “Rolling Stones” was a good rock band name, “Skipable Stones” would be better)  Traci decided she’d try to show her stuff by causing some excellent skippage.  As we were about to keep walking she found the “perfect” rock for skipping.  She even told me to get the camera ready, cuz it was gonna be awesome.  So I positioned myself about 15 feet down the shore from her, ready to get great photos of her rock-chucking-prowess.  She cocked her arm and I knew she was going to really going for it…

As the rock flew through the air at high velocity it never got wet, instead it smashed into my innocent hand that was in front of my chest at the time.  Yep, my wife threw a rock at me . . . as hard as she could.  You can speculate on why she did that.  (believe me, I have been)

As I held my bruised hand and looked at her in confusion/anger she came running and made the definitive statement of the moment - “I’m not really good at aiming when I throw small things.”

So if Traci ever invites you to go rock throwing, tell her you have to water the dog or that throwing stones is against your religion or something.  But if you do go I suggest you frolic on the shore while wearing quarter inch body armor.


Emmy said...

Ouch! Hope your hand is okay. Is she good at throwing large things with good aim? :)

Rose said...

Ok, I had to read that twice. It WAS an accident, right????


Alida B. said...

And that my dear friend is why I love the Mrs. :) She can always put a smile on my face

Marie said...

Haha! Nice aim, Traci!
(Sorry frog)

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