Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cub Scouts

So tonight we took the whole family over to the park next to the elementary school when the local cub scout group was signing kids up. We wanted my 2nd grader to check it out to see if he was interested. I came away with an impression I didn't expect. As we were listening to the leaders give their schpeel (I'm sure that's a word in some language) I was deeply impressed with how committed they were and how they seemed genuinely interested in helping the boys. I see and hear lots of negative stereotypes about men . . . many of which might have some basis. But these guys flew in the face of that. Totally selfless, not too busy for their kids, even not too busy for someone else's kids, very impressive . . . I see a world that steers boys in lots of different directions, too bad more of us aren't more willing to give back a little bit more.

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