Friday, September 29, 2006

Whoopin' up on the Horned Frogs

A buddy of mine IM'd me the words to the BYU Fight Song this morning. (BYU's my alma-mater) I gotta give 'em props for beating #17 TCU last night on the road. Unfortunately for me I now have the fight song in my head on continuous repeat . . . Thanks for that!!!
But seriously, this is one of the biggest wins we've had in several years. Here's cool photo from the game. Hopefully things are looking up for the much-maligned Cougars. I'm looking for John Beck to start getting a little more national attention - he's got huge numbers and has been fairly consistent. If we were Notre Dame, he'd have been a preseason Heisman guy, but, as my ND friends remind me, we're not Notre Dame. I'd sure rather have Beck than Brady Quinn!! Anyway, just good to celebrate a big win!!!!

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