Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fantasy Football

So it's the day before Thanksgiving and things at work here are slow to say the least. So I decided to research a little for my fantasy football picks this weekend. I discovered what millions already know, - there's WAY too much information out there. I just watched videos with expert commentary and everything. How do you get to be a Fantasy Football expert?! Those were NOT the guys getting dates in high school. From what I gather, it's all these guys do. There are pages and pages of "recommendations" and "rankings" to help out those of us who, you know, can't dedicate more time to Fantasy Football than we do sleeping. These guys tried very hard to crack jokes and act like this is entirely like hosting a day time talk-show or something, . . . didn't work. Shockingly, these weren't the best-looking guys you've ever seen and u can kinda picture them holed up in their parent's basements with 3 or 4 computer screen pouring through really important information, like how does Drew Brees do in away games on astroturf in the 3rd Sunday of November with a republican in the white house and a slight bruise on his non-throwing wrist. Anyway, I was quickly over-whelmed with advice so I made my little picks, and well, . . . I'm headed back to real life now as opposed to fantasy football life. Do you think those guys make more $ than I do? . . .

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Ethan said...

good job daddy i love you.

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