Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day One at the Lake

Yesterday was spent about 8 hours headed straight south. I thought we'd hit Guatemala at some point, but we ended up in Texas instead. We're spending this week as lucky guests of the Morrow Family Reunion at Lake Texoma. We have an amazing "cabin." I guess it's the "Commander's Cabin" for whenever he shows up here. It has a big screen TV that probably won't get turned on while we're here. The kids are in heaven with lots of cousins, lake water, and well, dirt.

Entertaining kids is pretty easy in a place like this - they pretty much do it themselves. I told the group of boys that to build a fire we'd need to have a circle of large rocks, so they spent an hour just looking for the right rocks to make our fire ring. Before I woke up today, Braeden was out there in his Superman PJs looking for the right rocks to finish the thing up. We put in some strong swim time this morning and dealt with some pretty stiff wind. At one point an inflated dolphin was blown out far into the lake where we had to send a motor boat to pick it up. ("The Inflated Dolphins" would be a good name for a rock band.) Uncle Mike was kind enough to rent a boat, so the boys and I got to drive around the lake. On my third attempt to get up on the water skiis something popped in my chest muscle, and that was the end of that. It even hurts to wave with my left arm. What a wuss I am.

Traci has already read like 300 pages of the "The Host" - which apparently is a pretty popular Stephanie Meyer book. And the kids are now inside eating junk food, playing scrabble, holding burping contests and practicing snapping. For some odd reason, Allison is walking around saying "20 bucks" to everyone - I have no explanation for that, but she thinks it's hilarious. So life is good. The only concern . . . some folks saw a water moccasin this morning where we go swimming. So I may be stuck in this cabin for a while . . .

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