Sunday, November 15, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 9 Update

An update on the league is a couple weeks overdue, particularly since I somehow crept back into first place in spite of being one of the poorest scoring teams in the league.  This week Blue Blood and I play in a grudge match for the outright best record in the league.  Here are the current standings:


Emmy and I should be pretty worried about D&D and the Possumz.  Still there are a lot of weeks left and you can expect the standings to change big time.  In the HTF mailbox this week I got this note that I will do my best slightly try to respond to (see answers inserted in the actual note):

Dear HTF,

Since I’m still a novice at this stuff, I hope you don’t mind a couple of NFL related questions. 

1.  Do you think that I am the only person who kept wondering why the Miami Dolphins (Hurricanes?  Herald?) hired Tony Soprano as their coach?

A: Pretty much it’s just you and Ricky Williams.  Just understand that there may or may not be consequences for crossing the new coach…oaklandkicker2korton

2. Who is scarier:  Kyle Orton or Sebastian Janikowski?     

A:  Tough one, but I gotta go with Janky there.  KO is REALLY hard to look at and his facial hair looks like a science experiment gone horribly wrong.  But J-dog could literally kick my bootie through the uprights from like 50 yards out.

3. Would you be open to throwing your match-up during week 11? 

A:  You bet, so you won’t even need to play any of your good players, go ahead, bench ‘em, give ‘em a rest that week. 

4.  Who has the more interesting facial hair:  Kyle Orton or Sebastian Janikowski?

A:  See question 2

5.  I heard the person who has the most number of moves and transactions gets a prize!!  I am well on my way toward that goal.  What is it??? 

A:  The prize is that before your first playoff game everyone in the league gets to give you their worst player and you have to find a spot for them on your roster . . . big congrats on that one!

6.  Who has the greatest number of teammates avoid him because he is just so . . . creepy:  Kyle Orton or Sebastian Janikowski?

A:  Since SJ is a kicker, he pretty much gets avoided by default.  Most teammates hardly remember he exists.  The KO is actually stared at pretty often by teammates in much the same way that it’s hard to not look at the albino crocodile at the zoo.  You try to take your eyes of it, but find yourself stealing glances because, well, it’s so incredibly weird.

gregolsen 7. Is it okay if I make a public apology right now?  Thanks!!!  I would like to apologize to Greg Olsen because I was on the verge of dropping him on Saturday night, but I did not do so because I became distracted by an episode of Top Chef.  If anyone cares, I am rooting for Kevin or Jen, but the Voltaggio Brothers bring lots of entertainvoltaggio bros ment value and make me laugh every single time they bicker.  Does anyone else have a hard time telling them apart when the one brother’s tattoo sleeve is covered up?  Anyway, I would also like to tell Mr. Olsen I’m sorry that I went around and told several people that he may or may not have a mullet.  I’m thinking that he must definitely have a mullet after he scored three touchdowns yesterday because everyone knows that mullets give players power, strength, tons of FF points, and uh . . . unique(?) style.  (See Drew Von Breesi.)

8.  What do you think Sebastian Janikowski's nickname is?  'Cause that is one loooong name.

A.  “Drum-Stick” – cuz have you seen those legs?! 

Thanks for answering my questions, O Froggy Football Expert!  I am so lovin' this game!!!  Destination:  PLAYOFFS!!!!

rabid robot possumz

Glad you’re enjoying the party!  Good luck to everyone this week, except for, of course, Sangre Azul!


Emmy said...

Wow! That was quite the list of questions.
And yes, when I saw how bad you had lost the previous week I thought I was going to have the top spot... but it is looking like you are going to stay there today.
Just can't find the points I need and am tired of looking for them.

POSSUMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Ahhh... so the EPIC battle next week is ON! Bring it!!! Next week, the possumz will also be RAPID, ROCKIN', unRESTRAINED, and READY TO SCORE 600 + POINTS AGAINST YOU!!!!! The HTF's team will just be RUSTY, READY TO BE PUT OUT OF ITS MISERY, and SLOW!!!! (Sorry, ran out of words that started with "R.")

If anyone is wondering, I have learned most of my smack talk from one of two places:
1. The Ochocinco App on my Ipod (Sample smack talk: okay, I can't exactly remember it, but it had to do with the Steelers, ketchup, mustard, and Heinz field); and
2. That celebrated saga of competing cheerleaders, Bring It On. (Sample smack talk: BRING IT!) Hey, I'm a quick study. hahhahh

May the Drum-Stick AND Kyle Orton haunt your DREAMZ, Frog!!! hahhahahaha (Hey, by the way, do I need to specify if this is supposed to be a funny ha-ha laugh or an evil one? 'Cause that one was supposed to be evil.) You may be on the TOYOTA board in a good way this week, but next week I will exact my revenge for week two!!!! ahhahhahahah (That was supposed to be another evil laugh!! hahhahha (But THAT one was a funny ha-ha laugh.))

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