Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 Continents, an inflatable kangaroo, and those little white bags on airplanes

Nobody who flies on planes a lot likes flying on planes a lot.  Still, it beats driving, walking, or, uh, swimming to get to where you wanna go.  The blog has been a little sparse lately because I took several, really-long, plane rides, which, judging by the fact that I’m back now and not stranded on an island with polar bears and smoke monsters, were successful.  I went to Sydney and Singapore, which I’ve learned are actually farther away than they looked on my globe growing up.  (like a quarter-turn and I went from the West Coast to Asia – not a big deal.)

A few things I learned/observed during my travels:

  • Being upgraded 30 seconds before you board a 14 hour flight feels an awful lot like somebody ringing your doorbell while you’re writing your mortgage check and handing you a bag of hundred dollar bills.  I’m guessing…
  • Ambien totally works
  • Sydney is an awesome place and they love them the tourists.  Also, so many people called me their “mate” that the Mrs. HTF has reason to be jealous. sydney
  • Went for a jog around the Opera House, botanical garden and the harbor bridge, which other than dingos and marsupials are like the only Australian things I recognize – best jog evah!
  • Sometimes the perfect gift for my kids is standing in a window wearing boxing gloves.  This was the case with the 3.5 foot tall inflatable kangaroo that’s now a fixture in our family room.
  • Harbor Cruise was awesome.  We saw some sweet views, some houses worth $50 million, and a smallish island which we nicknamed “Tasmania.”  The cruise was slightly less awesome during the torrential rains.  Sadly my fish & chips didn’t hold up well.  And for “seafood” that fish didn’t taste very good after being drenched.
  • Flight to Singapore delayed 8 hours, so I pulled into the hotel at 4 AM.  Good morning!!
  • Singapore is a lot like South Florida except much cleaner, the people are way nicer, fewer alligators/snakes, and most people there speak better English than I do.  (not a stretch)
  • I’m not a shopper, but if I was I’d visit Singapore often.  Technically speaking – the shiny stuff in the shops was stunning.
  • The place feels like it was all built in the last 2 years – again, much shininess.
  • The flight home was horrific as everything that was on my inside suddenly wanted to be on the outside.  You’d think this would be fine after a time or two, but I got to have essentially a 15-18 hour party with those surprisingly (and thankfully) strong “motion sickness” bags stuffed in the seat in front of me and/or the squeaky clean restrooms in Tokyo on the layover.  The good part was that with the time changes I literally landed in Seattle before I took off from Singapore (wrap your head around that), so it was like the whole thing never happened.

All said it was an awesome trip and I got to hang out and work with some marvelous people who may or may not ever speak to me again.  I leave you with this important photo I took at a Sydney park, which is TOTALLY clear:



Kevin said...

I wonder what it would mean if they were only partially prohibited?!

agm said...

When you talked about shiny stuff in the windows, I was totally picturing the HTF purchasing a shiny, supafly, Singapore suit like Bono circa 1993. That's PMP!

Word on the Ambien. The first time I took it, I read through all the warnings, & it's almost like it scares you into NOT taking it. I didn't know how it would affect me, so I HID my car keys... from myself. I also turned off my security alarm bc I was afraid I would set it off while in an Ambien induced stupor. LOL. Turns out that AGM does not sleep eat or sleep drive or set off security alarms on Ambien. I'm now a superfan, too.

Glad you're back!!

jamie said...

how miserable--i HATE having a personal relationship with the white bags, but am SO thankful they exist! great to be able to go to two exotic places on someone else's tab, right?

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