Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Following took place between Day Six and Day Seven

Preface - So we've been home for about a month now and my hiatus from the blog has actually caused a couple of you (probably both of the people who actually read this) to question what was up. So I'll close out the Great Hawaii Adventure now . . .

We had a rough time deciding what to do on our final, full day of Hawaii. Happily we landed at a one-word-consensus . . . BEACH. We started the day at our favorite beach, Waiamea. We got pelted with some large, but spotty rain drops while we traveled there and set-up. I spent extensive time trying to get beat up by waves - it worked, and I kid you not, I'm still, a month later pulling sand out of my ears occasionally. Traci also spotted several sea turtles, so that was sweet. Those things are huge, and it was pretty cool how close to the beach they were swimming. Our several hours at that beach ended with a downpour that pretty much cleared the place out . . . made me wanna be a sea turtle. We took that chance to run back to the "Triple-B" (see previous posts) for munchies, and then went to the beach that my sister says was her favorite - a month later the name is escaping me (help me out here, Sis) but it lived up to its billing. I was happily able to score some prime snorkeling time. But we were essentially trying to soak up as much sun as we could. Traci and I are still debating her prolific use of sun screen - as if we weren't pasty enough already. I tried to keep her slimy hands off of me. (that sounded kinda odd) Anyway, the evening was spent back at the BBB just chillin'. For the record, yes, I did watch Dancing with the Stars that night, and yes, I did like it.

The next morning we loaded up and said farewell to our "Triple-B." One comment - I have to admit to being a little skeptical when I first walked in the place, but it turned out to be one of the definite highlights of the trip. Holler if you ever want info about the place. We spent the morning at the temple again in Laie, and had to revisit the PCC. There was just so much there that we had missed and they let you back in for free. That afternoon we made our little drive and got reacquainted with Waikiki. We bought a few parting knick-knacks and ate at the Planet Hollywood. It was great stuff! Getting on the airplane that night was a kinda bittersweet thing. The only "sweet" part was knowing that I was flying back to the kids. But I have to say, that was about the only non-bitter part. We flew all night, and as is usually the case, there was no snoozing for me. We were so numb by the time we got to our gate in Vegas that I just laid down on the floor. Again, there was no sleeping but it was more comfortable that the airplane seat.

The arrival home was great. Sarah, heretofore known as Best Sister Ever, picked us up and we surprised the boys getting out of school. For them it was, "hey, the parents are here . . . I guess that's cool, I'll give a good hug, and then ask if I can go play with my friends." But for us there were tears involved.

And that kinda wraps it up. I am so ready to go back . . .

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millerjk said...

Glad to see that you finally finished your trip...that you two aren't hiding away in Hawaii still! We are glad you had a great trip. Next time make it a little further west to Tokyo! It's not Hawaii, but we will show you a good time that does not involve fish (since we live in the fish capital of the world!).

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