Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What could be more important than batting

Braeden's (5 yr old) little league baseball experience has been a ball to watch, from a safe distance. I could write a bunch of stories of what I've seen out there as these mini-men try to play ball. One of the more entertaining, recurring, events that we see is that these little guys have to, ...well,... go. But they are very involved in the game, so we end up with full-on potty dances right there on the field. We parents are always looking for these poses so that we can laugh, I mean, take quick action. Recently one of our better players was walking to the batter's box for his turn to bat. It was very obvious that he should have been walking to the outhouse instead. But he was undeterred. As he stood there ready to take the first pitch the squirming and dancing got more pronounced. His solution was to get in his stance and raise the bat in his right hand and with his left hand he, . . . well . . . grabbed himself. He was determined to take his turn at bat even if it meant doing it with one-hand. His mom was mortified and coach quickly swooped in and called a "time-out" while the little boy took care of business in the outfield. As a group of supportive parents on the bleachers our response, of course, was hysterical laughter.

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