Thursday, February 05, 2009

HTF Makes The List He Didn’t Know Existed, But Now Is A Big Fan Of

Last night before I crashed I jumped online to see how many of you kind folks stopped by the blog that day.  (Yes, I track that kind of thing, call me whatever evil names you choose)  And I saw a little spike in traffic and I found out it came from a site called  I’d never heard of it, but did some not very difficult sleuthing and found out that this SUPER COOL BLOG EDITOR LADY PERSON had linked back to the post about church dances.  Here is the link to the little blurb.  And here’s screenshots:


Totally fun.  Anyway, thanks to Emily W. Jensen and to all of you for reading HTF and telling your unsuspecting friends.

Much luv.


rlsecor said...

Isn't it amazing how pleasantly unpredictable blogging can be.

(not at all sure just making a
rash assumption here)

sure you embarked on this post with some part of you wondering if anyone would really be interested in a trip down your memory lane.

Then being true to yourself and the words flowing from your fingers you captured not just your own memories but those of many of your readers AND caught the attention of "the media".

I am often amazed at how my own posts that I personally found to be mundane end up with the most comments. Things that I nearly decided not to publish - everyone loves.

Keep up the good work dear frog friend!

agm said...

The secret is out now! You are going to have so many readers that I'm going to be all self conscious & watch the kind of wacky things I write & send in now!

Oh & now I totally have that You Spin Me Round song going nonstop in my head. Thanks?

Emily W. Jensen said...

I look for the best.

And I loved your memories and writing style.

Thanks for the thanks (here and facebook). You've intrigued me so I'll be around. And one of these days I'm going to sit down and read your most popular posts...


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