Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does that thing burn?!

Guys were meant to burn stuff.

There can be lots of deep philosophical debatering (not actual word) about what’s truth and what isn’t but that little statement is right up there with - “Dude, she’s a girl, so you have NO idea what she’s thinking right now.”  Last weekend the Pope Men, myself and the little male HTFers, went on the annual Father and Sons campout that we do with other guys from our church.  We’re not huge campers by any measure, unless you count BBQing in the backyard as “roughing it.”  So I was intrigued to see how my fellas would dig the event this year.  They absolutely loved it AND we didn’t die, so we’re calling that a success.  A few of the highlights/learnings were:

  • As if I needed more evidence, I observed irrefutable demonstrations that my 7 year old son is in fact my SON – he spent hours scavenging the campground for new things to burn in the fire.  It started with small sticks, then on to paper plates and eventually he was caught backing up some guy’s Volkswagon into the fire pit.  That’s my boy!!
  • Guys standing around the fire left to their own devices will have conversations that would (and should) trouble their wives.  And these will DEFINITELY not be focused on any one topic.  In one two minute stretch of time I heard earnest bantering about first-person-shooter video games, exploding motorcyles, movies with monkeys, and socks.
  • Guys snore . . . and lots of guys together snore LOUDLY!
  • Lots of preteen boys put together in the wild will rove around inventing games that don’t make a lot of sense, but will certainly result in injuries and clothes that will never be clean again.
  • My boys do in fact believe that tents put themselves up and that marshmallows on fire are WAY better than the non-flammable version.marshmallow.jpg image by Skorp88

It was a great time and highly entertaining.  If you’re a guy, I’m sorry you weren’t there, if you’re not a guy, be glad you didn’t have see it all.


Troy said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. I can't wait for our camping adventures this summer. We need to put together the long discussed Sasquatch hunt too. Good times ahead!

agm said...

That VW line made me laugh so hard it threw me into a coughing fit. Thanks!!

Oh yeah, flaming marshmallows (band name??) ARE The Best!!!

Fire fire!!! hehhehheh

CM said...

Don't forget the ever-popular "do you think this will hurt?" and the immediate reply "nah - do it!!"

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