Friday, September 25, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week 2 Report

Our second week is in the books and Christy’s Crushers has leapt to the front of the pack (much thanks to the Drew Brees) followed by our other undefeated team, Blue Blood.  I eeked out my first win of the year, and apparently am being sponsored by Toyota, cuz this graphic appeared on our site:


That’s right, the rabid robot possumz look more like mechanical gerbils whose batteries have run out.  Ha Ha!!  (I don’t plan to win often so I have to enjoy it)  Here are the rest of the results and the standings:

image   image

Good luck in Week 3!


mechanical gerbilz said...

Excuse me Mr. Frog, that's mechanical gerbilz with a "Z," thank you very much. AND I'm totally green and use re-chargeable batteries, which have been re-charged up in the . . . what is that thing called? a recharger? charge machine? charge monster? Anyway, I am SO ready to rock 'n roll this week with a loss of less than 100 points!!!

By the way, I love how they made my name teeny tiny there. Makes me look like even less frightening than I already am. hahahha

However, I noticed A LOT of dropping and adding tadpoles on your end . . . looks like someone is totally scared of the match-up this week!!!!

(Third Party Smack Talk sponsored by the Duracell Charge Monster.)

JJ said...

Is it okay that I'm completely intimidated by the other readers of your blog? If readers have to be witty/funny/hilarious to comment, you better block me.

Oh and I'm now very concerned with my team. I have dropped from 2nd to 7th in one week.

Emmy said...

I know I just have to keep winning as there are a lot of people with more points than me.
JJ, I feel the same way sometimes

CM said...

Is Drew Brees AWESOME or what??

Buck up Robot Rodent - there are worse things than Toyota hating on you all public like that...but I'm not sure what they would be (maybe we should ask Tom Brady - he might know)

Party on - this game is FUN!

the recharged and IN CHARGE possumz said...

On this day in history - 9/27/09 at 4:31 p.m. (EST), the rabid robot possumz have mounted a total comeback!! No thanks to that total loser TB, but thanks to my brand new team members McGahee and Celek. I love you guys!!!!

Can you believe - a few minutes ago, the possumz had even more points that the Crushers and the Frogniators COMBINED?! Whoooohooooo!!! Yeah, that's no longer the case, but consider my world to be turned completely upside down!!

Sweet bacon suits - watch out!!

Love this game!!!

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