Thursday, September 17, 2009

HTF The Fantasy Football League – Week One Report

After a highly successful, and slightly controversial draft selection process, the first week of the Inaugural HTF Fantasy Football League is in the books.  You may remember that a few weeks ago we formed a league of brave blog readers.  As expected I showed my astounding fantasy prowess by losing handily to someone who’s never played before.  Hat tip to Blue Blood!  I guess I should’ve picked up a QB who is younger than 65 (instead of Kurt Warner).  Oh well, it’s a long season, or at least that what I tell myself in consolation.  Congrats to the week one winners, especially The Beckinators, who had the highest score of the week.  Here are the results:


And here are the standings:


This week I take on the rabid robot possumz, so I just had my rabies shot.  Thanks to those of you playing along!


agm said...

Yes, I was thinking that Kurt Warner is getting pretty close to being 85 years old. However, he is no Ochocinco! Or TOM BRADY!! HA HA!

Tom B puts the Tom B in Tomb, which is where your team is gonna be after we get done with you, frog!!

Plus, everyone knows that you can't vaccinate against ROBOTS!!!

Spagm in full effect.
Tom B in full effect.
Ochocinco in full effect.
We out!

Emmy said...

Yeah, I did enjoy beating you :) Did I tell you I am in another fantasy football league.. yep got suckered into two.
In that one I am in first place.. I wish I had those same players :)

See how this weekend goes.

That one kid's dad said...

That was awesome!

JJ said...

Who would have thunk that this Fantasy Football novice would be in second place? Definitely not me! Yeah!

No worries. I know I won't stay there but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

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