Monday, January 25, 2010

My Little Bro on Conan!

Yeah, I’m a little bit proud.  My brother, Rob, is playing the bass guitar here.  Pretty good week to be on Conan – there were a few people watching!!  The new record is Awesome!


agm said...

Yay for the Spoon!!! That record is so awesome that I keep changing my mind as to what my favorite song is. Last week, I couldn't get The Mystery Zone out of my head, but then all weekend I was bouncing around my house & singing my favorite part of Is Love Forever?: Are you quite certain, love? Are you quite certain, love? Are you quite certain, love? ARE YOU QUITE CERTAIN, LOVE? ARE YOU QUITE CERTAIN, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE????????!!!

I'm a really horrible singer yet such an amazingly talented choreographer, so luckily I am able to make up for my poor singing with some really, really impressive hopping around moves to the music that I made up all by myself. Holla!!

P.S. Traci & The Lady in Chicago (good band name there!) know their stuff!!

Emmy said...

How fun!!! My one complaint the camera man never showed a close up of your brother!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Band! I didn't know the bass player was Mormon. Is he active?

HTF said...

No, he's not. But he's one the best guys you could ever meet! Glad you're a fan.

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