Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jack Should Totally Set A Perimeter Around the Smoke Monster

Within 24 hours my two favorite current TV shows came to an end this week.  I was devastated to see the Celebrity Bachelor Loser Amazing Race While Dancing end its season.  Actually, you probably know that I’m talking about Lost and 24.  I’m sad to see their runs end, but it certainly was time…  We’ve seen enough of Jack suffering in both shows.

I must pay tribute to my friend, Dave, who endured sitting with me through 4.5 hours of Lost and then a couple more of the Jack Bauer Power Hour.  I’ll have to check, but I think after that much time together we have a common-law marriage or something.  But it was fun to chat it up during the shows.  The Mrs HTF has joined me for Lost this season, which has been awesome.  But, I did spend a lot of time trying to answer questions to get her caught up on the show.  I found that you could just answer most questions with “You just have to understand the Flash-Sideways to get that.”  For the most part I didn’t have many understandable answers, but I admire her for jumping in with both feet this season.  She even teared-up a few times, which, if you know my wife, registers on the Surprise Meter about as much as a news article about a politician who tell lies.  The girl is a, um, quick-crier.  For you guys out there, you know that this is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb if there’s ever a disagreement.  The tears come, and I know for sure that, however sound my logic may have been, I’m not only dead-wrong, but I’m pretty much evil to the core (yeah, I’m a bald smoke monster who works in Finance).  Anyway, I loved Lost and will miss the show.

24 is a bit more like an addiction than a TV show.  After each episode I find myself shivering (true fact – Dave covered me up with a blanket during the finale last night) and as wide awake as I could possible be.  It’s remarkably like the cold plunge at the Russian Spa.  And then, I have to come back for more to get my fix.  Each season got more and more unbelievable, but I don’t care much about that.  I had to see more and more.  Traci never really watched 24 with me, because, well, it’s 24 and, uh, a tad bit violent.  In much the same way that Antarctica is a tad bit cold.  So I usually would watch this show by myself late at night – not the best of plans…  But I’ll miss Jack getting things uploaded to his PDA, setting perimeters, shooting people in the thigh, and getting visuals on bad guys (as opposed to just seeing them).

Before these shows started I had ONE child, and well, life was different.  For instance I was 6’4” and had a marvelous weave in my hair.  Anyway, I’ll miss those shows, but will probably get a bit more sleep…unless I start thinking about how FREAKIN’ AWESOME it would be to have Jack Bauer on that stupid island instead of Jack Shepard…  Who wouldn’t watch that show?!


No. 1 Superfan of Russian Spa Lady said...

Russian Spa shout outs are always my favorite. Holla!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool title! And I defend my tearing up by saying, Aren't you glad you married such a sensitve woman? It beats the alternative. :)

rlsecor said...

I would REALLY miss looking at Jack Shepard . . . so what about Jack Bauer with Jack Shepard or AGAINST. I bet there are plenty of chicas who wouldn't mind lookin at Jack Bauer too.

Thx for no spoilers - we haven't quite made it to that final show... darn busy-ness!

millerjk said...

Crying...Lahti girl...didn't you get the memo?

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