Thursday, June 24, 2010

Being Hit Over the Melon by the Soccer Thing

My first soccer memory was at one of my first practices when I was a kid.  One of the “big” kids on the team had kicked the ball pretty hard and I wasn’t paying attention.  The thing hit me in the head so hard that it knocked me to the ground.  I didn’t like that kid – ever.  But I did play soccer for a couple years when I was like 9 or something.  (yes, I was 9 for 2 full years – wrap your mind around that!)  I should’ve stuck with soccer given my body type (that phrase feels really weird to say, but whatever…).  Instead I picked sports ideal for short, smallish guys – basketball and football.  This key decision is the whole reason I’m not a pro athlete today.  Ok, there may be a couple other reasons…

But lately there’s a nice buzz about soccer, and I’m getting into it a bit thanks to the World Cup.  I caught part of the first US games, but the real trigger for me happened last week in Argentina.  I got to watch the Argentina-Korea game with a bunch of CRAZY fans from Argentina.  When the team scored goals it was literally the most energized sports moment I’ve ever been part of.  Absolutely awesome – melee ensued.  Then the other morning I pulled a few of my kids out of bed and watched the US game with them.  (6:30 AM start time in Seattle)  As Donovan scored that wild goal right at the end I, well, turned into an Argentine dude.  I yelped and screamed – two things that I do pretty rarely.  (I also felt pretty pleased when the French team imploded – their worst melt down since WW II)

Anyway, I’m now loving me the World Cup.  But the odds are high that, as most Americans, once we lose I’ll forget that it was even happening.


no. 1 france superfan said...

C'est un surprise pour moi que tu n'aimes pas la france - surtout parce que tu est Le Plus Agreable Homme dans Les Etats-Unis!!! Je pense que si tu visite la france, tu etais aime la france. Je pense que si tu visite la france, tu es aller etre un homme FRANCAIS!!

La France - c'est manifique! Les gens, le pays, les cathedrals, les musees, la plage, les crepes, les pommes frites, les poisson . . . (j'arrete maintenant - j'aime manger toujours)!!

Danc, je pense ques un jour, tu es aller un voyage en francais et tu es aller aimer les francais beaucoup! Vive la france!!!

WHEW!! J'ai mal a la tete!! ahhahah

rlsecor said...

Oui, oui, je veux aller en France pour la plage et des musees et de manger et de manger et de manger!

Je pense que si Henry peut bien faire en Argentine, il ira bien en France. Je suis d'accord que Henry est l'un des plus agreeables aux Etats-Unis.

Aller à Henry France. Aller a la France

Je suis desole about your melon.

Since Matt works for a british news company they get to watch the games at work. LUCKY DUCK.

I think it is one of few instances that the rest of the world is really into something BIG that "we" the U.S. is not so much into.

It is big fun.

Thank you also frog friend for your inspiring delve into le Francais - and for enduring a little Franglais :)

rlsecor said...

Bonjour, c'est moi - again... after responding to your post en Francais and then seeing your OUT OF OFFICE REPLY - I felt a VERY STRONG urge to come up with an extremely goofy reason that I needed you urgently and call your cell phone.

But, since we are currently eating large bowls of spray whipped cream and I have a phone phobia - I can't come up with anything good enough - or just enough not good that I wouldn't be LMAO the whole time ruining it anyway.

So consider yourself safe, for now.

Come to think of it - straight whipped cream might not be helping much either.

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