Monday, October 31, 2011

My Wife’s Various Run-ins with the Law This Weekend

Saturday evening I walked (by which I mean “staggered”) off my flight from London and checked my e-mail.  There was a note from Progressive thanking me for processing my claim for the accident I was in earlier that day.  Since I was in Europe earlier that day and the only accident I’d been involved in there was some bad curry, I realized that something must’ve happened with the Mrs. HTF.  After she picked me up I learned that a lady had caused a car accident which involved her running into the side of the Honda Civic my wife was drving.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, except for my car.  Traci told me how the lady had at first denied hitting our car at all – that story changed when my wife called the police.  Apparently, Traci got along quite nicely with the officer and all was good.Police_Man_Vector

On Sunday morning on the way to church we drove around a corner and saw a car off to the side turned totally upside down.  Clearly, an accident had just happened.  I pulled over and in full-suit ran up to see if the people were ok.  I pulled out a male & female teenager – both were dazed, but unhurt.  They both seemed to be ok except that the female was accusing the male of driving badly and bumping into her during the crash.  As a fellow-male, with a few years of experience, I told him that he should get used to being accused of things and quickly apologize.  He just looked confused.

When the policeman showed up he checked out the accident and then saw my wife.  Confused he said to her,

“You again?”

Yep, it was the same police-dude from the day before.  Traci explained that this time she was a really innocent bystander.  I thought the irony was kinda funny. 

So I’m hoping that my wife is able to avoid accidents today . . . but it is Halloween.  Maybe I should dress up as a cop…


millerjk said...

Welcome back...and Happy Halloween! (I am sure I get favorite SIL points for being the first to comment!)

Emmy said...

Glad your wife was okay and that she wasn't involved in the second accident.

agm said...

Great story! Isn't it amazing when people LIE about a wreck they clearly caused?? I loved it when Traci was all like, "No, you DIDN'T!!!" Defender of da TRUTH!!!!

Really glad you are back, HTF.

P.S. SURVEY SAYS: Bad Curry should be your new band name.

rlsecor said...

The irony is kinda creepy... gives me the chills... either way Luvin' that something could rock things up enough to bring you back to Blog land. It's been dead around here lately. I think we're all on our phones or sumthin'.
Enough with the phones already people. And because I know you were wondering... I am not sure how I feel about bad curry as your new band name... It is up there at the top of great band names - but at the same time I wouldn't want to feel my stomach churn everytime I looked at your album cover, but then again, it's not like you're a girl band and you gotta be pretty!

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