Monday, April 23, 2007

Hawaii advice

Well tomorrow we embark (EQ quote) on our Hawaii adventure. This has been a long time coming and the planning, which I observed Traci doing (from a safe distance of course), has been extensive. As the date has gotten closer, more and more people have found out about our trip. We're a little bit surprised at all the people who seemed to have found out, and chosen to care. What I have learned though, also to my surprise, is that everyone I ever come in contact with, hasn't just been to Hawaii, but they are certified experts working for the Hawaiian Commission of Tourism. EVERYONE has a very strong opinion of what we should do and not do while we're there.
For instance, I've never been snorkeling in the ocean, which shouldn't be a big surprise given my childhood and adult life in, well . . . Kansas. So in the planning snorkeling was a "might do." Well, I had several folks ask if I planned to snorkel (you have to admit that's a funny word - I think the IRS should use that word instead of "audit" . . . i.e. "Mr. Farnsworth, we've reviewed your records and in the next few weeks you will be "snorkeled" by several of our brightest agents.) So because we hadn't decided yet I said, "no, we probably won't get to the snorkeling." The looks I received were similar to those I might receive if I told somebody to give me their new car so I could use it in a demolition derby. I was met with disdain and disgust (two really rough "D" words.) So for the record, we will be snorkeling. We even have the masks and stuff in our suitcases to prove it. Here are some other things our dear friends have told use we should/shouldn't do in Hawaii:
  • Do make the time to go to the Dole Plantation and eat the pineapple
  • Don't waste your time with the Dole Plantation - it's totally boring
  • Do check out Waikiki beach, it's beautiful
  • Don't waste your time with Waikiki beach, it's a trash pit
  • Do get in line early in the morning at Pearl Harbor
  • Don't show up at Pearl Harbor until lunch time or so
  • Don't leave anything in your car, ever - it will be stolen, guaranteed. In fact, just leave the doors open so the thieves can easily get what they want and not break the car windows (actual advice). Actually, if you see a surfer who looks a little shady, walk up to the guy and give him everything of value that you have with you. (not actual advice)
So you can see, just based on these few points, we now have a wonderful idea of what to do and not do.

PS - Look for lots of posts over the next week or so about our Hawaiian Adventure

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