Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some things I like (Part 1 of many)

So for whatever reason I thought I'd post a list of things I like. It's just stuff that's in my head at this moment. They're not in any particular order, and probably no one would care, but well . . . I'm gonna do it anyway:
  • Ed (the TV Series)
  • NCAA March Madness
  • Peter Breinholt, particularly live in concert
  • Being a human jungle gym for all 4 kids at once
  • Speaking Spanish
  • When Larry talks me into playing ball
  • 24
  • When it's just warm enough to roll down your windows while you drive for the first time in the spring
  • My friends from my freshman year at BYU
  • Watching my kids realize that they are learning something, anything - and that they're proud of it
  • Counting Crows
  • When my wife laughs at my little jokes
  • Reading a news story that has a happy ending
  • Hitting a 3 pointer
  • When I can be with my siblings, for any reason
  • When I get home from work and my baby Allison is always the most happy to see me - I get that huge smile, maybe a little "Da Da" and always a hug & kiss
  • The West Wing (TV series)
  • Watching people at work who struggle, but eventually succeed in doing something that they thought was over their heads
  • Monet paintings
  • When I get a voicemail from Traci and she's just calling to say hi and for no other reason
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Waking up in the morning (usually on Saturday) and knowing that I don't really have anything I have to do, and then getting out of bed in spite of that.
  • Answers to prayers
Yeah, it's an odd list I know, but I'll be adding to it.

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