Saturday, April 14, 2007

What the pile is trying to tell me

So this afternoon I faced down something that I'd been avoiding for months . . .


Just kidding. I got to "clean out the closet." By my wife's definition this means choosing the clothes that I never wear and putting them into a large bag destined for donation. (or possibly to sit in our garage until I need something she put in there) I took my first shot at it, and apparently shot an "airball." I thought I had created a sufficiently large pile, but Traci made it clear that we were just getting started. You see I have what I call "the rotation." This means I have like 4-6 outfits that I've worn over and over the last 7 years or so . . . and that's about it as far as clothing that gets used. To my credit the rotation does change a bit with the seasons - for instance, I try to keep the grey cotton shorts in the drawer during the most serious blizzards. But I also have my essential back up drawer of miscellaneous t-shirts. Few, if any, of these have ever seen the light of day. But I NEED them, all 36 - unfortunately I can't really explain why to my lovely wife. There are quite a few other things in there that get worn maybe once every 2 years, but I can't part with them. Well, after my feeble attempt, she sat me down and took over. Over the next 20 minutes or so my "wardrobe" (I feel silly calling it that) decreased by exactly 92.56%. In the process she helped me to understand that I have as much sense of style as my three year old does - expect without being cute in any way whatsoever. Also, this enjoyable 20 minutes that I'll never get back served as a pleasant reminder of the several pounds that I've packed on since I last went clothes shopping in the 90s. So that part was fun. Anyway, everything turned out fine. And there's a large bag of clothes in the garage (for now) to prove it.

Here's a little photo of Sydney with "The Pile"

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Sarah said...

Take it easy....We have had that exact same experience is painful. Good Job!

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