Saturday, September 15, 2007

All I have to do is . . .

Ethan (8 yr old) happily and proudly announced this morning that he was going to get a new scooter. His brother has one and Ethan has coveted it for quite some time now. I was intrigued to hear how his 8-year-old income was going to fund such a purchase. When I asked how he was going to do it he said,

"All I have to do is be the third grader to raise the most money in the fund raiser."

Oh, good.

I guess that meant that I was gonna buy the scooter vicariously if we go that route. I'm ok with school fund raisers, ensured that some of the money goes to a good cause at the school. But I'm also pretty sure that somebody, somewhere, has a pretty good business going having adorable little kids beg their parents, neighbors, grandparents, and even their elementary school friends for money. The most deadly effective and cheapest sales reps there's ever been.

We'll see what happens with said scooter. But I sure hope that all the other third grade parents are mean/nasty and say no to their pleading kids. It would sure make it easier for us to win!!

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millerjk said...

Good luck with just might be cheaper to buy the scooter...!

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