Monday, September 10, 2007

J.D. and The Muggles (my new favorite band)

So over the weekend a buddy loaned me the unabridged book on CD of Harry Potter #6. This is the one that follows the most recent movie, so I'll at least get the story. I read the first book last month and have thoughts on reading them all, cuz I'm the only person in either hemisphere who hasn't done that yet. But today I popped in the first disc and listened to Jim Dale tell me the story as I commuted to the office. I got 3 different phone calls as I drove, and let's just say none of them merited me turning J.D. off. He is absolutely amazing - but I know that's not news to many of you. So in my new spirit of "recommendation" (see last post), I'm gonna recommend that you find some way to listen to the Potter books being read to you by my new copilot. Hopefully you have a great pal like I do who can just lend it to you. Otherwise you can download or buy, and if all else fails there's a library nearby where you can get on a decade-long waiting list or something. One way or another if you do it, you may get a sudden urge to take a long drive around the country . . . a few times.

He's that good, and I guess we should give a little credit to J.K. too.

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millerjk said...

Good to see you join the rest of us...

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