Friday, September 07, 2007

Facing the book

It's been a few days since I posted - been kinda busy at work and then I got sick. I figured you wouldn't wanna read a play by play of that. So a few days ago I made my first visit to Facebook. I'd heard SO much about it I thought I'd check it out plus I read all the time about the social networking thing. I'm usually several years behind "cool" so I thought it might not be too "happening." Since joining here are a few things I've learned/observed.

- Wow, am I old. Trying to find "friends" on there my age (early 30s) was pretty difficult. But finding people I know in their teens or early 20s - super easy. And they came out and "added" me too. (most of my seminary class is out there, which is awesome) It's hard not to feel like I don't belong or like I'm some kind of creepy guy, but my few 30+ aged friends make me feel better. And it's cool that the younger folks will even entertain me as a "virtual friend." I'll take it.

- One of my friends posted a message on my page calling me "Brother Pope." It wasn't a surprise or anything, but I just wonder how old I have to be to get used to that.

- When you're a Werewolf, "Biting chumps" is pretty easy, but it's hard to get them to join your army.

- Some people must really like themselves, cuz they post loads of pictures, some not so flattering, right there on their sites for the world to see. (not me)

- I had expected that I might encounter a lot of vulgar/inappropriate stuff out there, which would've made me walk away. I found almost the opposite to be true. (But then again, I'm hopefully not looking in the right places for that stuff)

- I'm wondering if parents know their kids are out there doing this. For a parent of teenagers, this would seem a wonderful way to keep tabs on the kids during the times when you're not on speaking terms. (I'm serious about this)

- The term "reconnecting with friends" gets overused, but I'm here (virtually) to tell you that it's happened with me, and that's in just a few days with very little effort.

Anyway, for now at least, I am recommending to you readers (both of you) that you set up a Facebook page (and add me as a friend of course). It just takes a few seconds and it's very self-explanatory. (as demonstrated by the fact that teenagers everywhere can do it) Oh yeah, and one other thing, when my werewolf bites you, which it will, you really need to join my army!

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