Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've created a monster (but she's kinda hot)

My first blog post ever was on Dec 17, 2004. Since then I've been explaining to Traci (you may know her as the Mrs. HTF) how the whole blog thing works. I used to beg her to go read my clever posts, but since I've never written one of those I told her to settle for my mediocre posts. Sometimes she'd actually read 'em (although she never laughed, but that's kinda how my jokes work on her . . . they don't). I told her that she should do a blog. She'd comment on how it was a waste of time and how nobody would read it. I assured her that those words only described my blog, and that she'd have more success.

Well, as many of you know, a few weeks ago, at my urging, she took the plunge, and it was a full-on, nuclear, cannon-ball off the high-dive type of plunge. Now she is totally hooked on the blog thing. She's a little bit fanatical about her daily blog. She talks more about her "readers" more than her kids. (that part's 1000% sarcastic) We now use the phrase, "I'm gonna write a blog about you!" as the ultimate argument stopper. My four often-blogged-about children and I live in constant fear that we will do or say something blog worthy.

Just playin'. I'm actually pretty proud of Traci, and duly impressed. She's having fun and it looks like she has some folks that are consistently reading along. We were gonna have a contest on "readership" but she's already left me in the dust so I've pretended like I forgot the idea. You should also know the real reason this particular post was written - my wife has actually made fun of me for not writing on the blog in several days. So the whole Frankenstein thing is really resonating with yours truly right now.


bspeck said...

Go Traci! Love the blog!

millerjk said...

I figured you had hands in creating the blogging monster. Loving her blog...loving your blog too!

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