Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Meant To, But I Didn't

Summer hasn't been good for my blog frequency. Here are a few things I had every intention of blogging about, but didn't actually, you know, do it:
  • Cub Scout Day Camp (aka "sweaty, crazed 8-10 yr old boys taught to shoot things")
  • Last week I was at Georgetown University (Washington, DC) for work stuff. I went on this awesome run all around DC at night. For some reason that made a memory for me.
  • High School Musical The Musical - After seeing the movie and listening to the songs litterally a bazilion times we took the kids to the theatrical version of the show. They kinda liked it, but they seemed a bit more impressed with the popcorn and cotton candy. It was pretty well done though.
  • Braeden's B-Day party (aka - what possessed me to think that 14 6 year-old-boys running around inside my house was a good idea?!)
  • The Specks party with us - On their way to move across the country . . . again . . . B&J stayed with us for a day. The highlight was playing Settlers until 2AM and me losing 3 straight times, handily. I'm such a kind host! Guess that doesn't bode well for fantasy football . . .
Ok, here's the BIG NEWS a few of you might actually care about: I'm going to resurrect the podcast by recording phone "interviews" (and I use that term really loosely) with my blog readers. I already have a few volunteers. Just let me know if you want in by leaving a comment or dropping me an e-mail. I'm still working on a name, but the working title is Scott Talks to His Friends. (that one burned up all of my creativity, so HELP me with suggestions) It should be fun, so I hope you'll like it.


rlsecor said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and the prayers.

I can't say this on my blog 'cuz my mom would freak - but I can't believe how things are going for my brother. They have been married for barely 2 months, she had only been to one doctor appointment, no classes, who knows if they even read a book or not. She can't even drive yet, she doesn't have her license! Now this! What a way to start!

I thought your podcast was super cool - so interviewing your friends will be great, probably hilarious!

I will lurk in the shadowy, dark corners of your podcast/blog for a while before I volunteer. I haven't had a real conversation with you in what like 16 years!?! It would be awesome and weird.

So, crank it out, we're listening.

agm said...

Oooh, podcasts are exciting!

I have a title suggestion: What up, POD PEOPLE?!

ooh, wait: Keepin' it real with the POD POSSE

ChristyMcC said...

"Scott Talks to His Friends" - NOT a great name for a rock band...

JJ said...

So you're a big Settlers family, too, huh?! My family can play that game over and over again. The thing that surprises me the most is that my mother loves it!

I think that Podcast idea is cool. I'd say it's a pretty brave thing to have a conversation in front of the entire web universe. Is their a prerecorded message when someone answers the phone warning them that "this conversation may be taped for quality purposes and for mass web-wide publication..."?

JJ said...

BTW: Me leaving a comment did not mean I was volunteering for a webcast of a conversation (I just re-read your post). I have truly nothing humorous, important, or entertaining to tell the world. If I do, I write about it (on my blog) where I can use the Backspace and Delete keys.

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