Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can We Please Get Back To Talking About Brittney Spears

So lately I’m thinking the best thing for the economy would be for people to quit talking about the economy.  Pretty certain that this stuff feeds on itself.  For example:

CEO of major corporation says to his lead executives: “Hey guys, so I was watching the news on this massive flat screen on the small wall in my 3,000 square foot office, and I’m starting to see a trend.  Every morning before the market opens companies are taking turns announcing massive layoffs.  So I was thinkin’ . . . we don’t wanna be left out…

On NPR this morning I heard Paul Krugman, recent nobel laureate, talking about the economy and he repeatedly used the term Depression.  The interviewer asked him what a Depression was, and this recently crowned master of economics said, “I have no idea . . . but we should talk about it.”  (this may be because of his book that was recently republished called, “The Return of Depression Economics” . . . but maybe I’m just being too cynical . . .)  We should pause for a minute and reflect on how funny the word laureate is.  Pretty sure it means, “somebody who won something.”  So that guy you remember from high school could be a “Most Likely to Dance Badly – Laureate.”  Sounds a whole lot cooler that way.

But back to the point here – we should probably stop talking about how bad things are getting.  Somebody might hear us and start laying people off.

PS – this particular strategy, rooted in denial, hasn’t worked yet on my hairline.  But I’m still holding out hope.


ThreeofSeven said...

I'm not worried. Now that Barry is in the White House, all of my economic-related woes have been put to rest. Along with all of my war-related woes, my freedom of religion-related woes, and many other woes that way too woeful to mention here. Its shaping up to ge a great year. Yipee!

JJ said...


rlsecor said...

Beware the ramblings of a post-preschool crazed woman hiding in her closet with a laptop!

In humans (as opposed to primates or arachnids etc.) depression tends to feed depression - the thoughts and feelings that accompany a clinical depression trigger a downward spiral towards emotional depression - keeping one stuck.

12 step groups focus on "the solution rather than the problem".

In the church we strengthen each other by bearing testimony of our experience, faith and hope - and NOT putting out our dirty laundry for all to see.

So reason -is there any reason to this madness?- follows that to stop talking about the Economic Crisis (at least SO MUCH) and get back to talking about the important things like Britney Spears - may be just what this country needs.

How better to boost the economy than to inspire consumers!

Britney Spears - will keep teenage girls in rehab and increase consumer spending on white trash fashion trends

Brangelina - will make young families think that if movie stars can raise 6 kids surely anyone can - Isn't a baby boom good for the economy?

Hugh Hefner -will inspire all the modern cassinovas out there to stock up on girl friends and spoil them rotten - boosting spending

And you just can't discount the spending on hair dyes, UGG boots, mani pedi's, Gym memberships, Botox, plastic surgery and anything else inspired by the stalwart celebrities of 2009!

Don't they say that depression/recession is a natural part of the economic cycle?

Crazy stuff.

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