Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Thwarted by Paperwork

I decided to go to Washington DC this morning to see if they'd let me be the new junior senator from Illinois.  No one would talk to me for some reason.  But the cameras seemed to be following someone else around who had similar plans.  Have you ever watched someone kinda live through one of your nightmares right in front of you?  Me neither.  Until today, maybe.  You see I have this weird thing where I fear starting a new job, committing to it completely, and then showing up just to be told that it's not happening.  What happened to Mr. Burris, where he didn't have the right signature and was sent home actually kinda happened to me . . . almost.  Remember this? 

There's little that I find funnier than political theater - and today was awesome.  Dude was kept out of the UNITED STATES SENATE because he didn't have the right paperwork!  That's so cool.  We all know Harry Reid wasn't going to let him in.  He would've just manufactured excuses.  Could've accused the guy of having the wrong brand of penny loafers (good name for a rock band) or perhaps Harry could've quickly backed a bill declaring Illinois part of Canada.  Either way it looks like this thing won't be over for a while, because now there are LAWYERS INVOLVED.  (yep, that's a hat tip to my blog-reading attorney friends).

The mailbag has been pretty sparse for a while.  Remember to send in your questions/comments to henrythefrog@gmail.com.  I'll be happy to answer them, mostly like in a way that will leave you forgetting what the actual questions was.


agm said...

ha ha LAWYERS INVOLVED (all caps, of course) would also be a great band name. Ooooh, just came up with an awesome spelling in an homage to *NSYNC: LAWYRZ *NVOLVD.

rlsecor said...

I look at the headlines and most of it does not capture my attention - Not only do you make it interesting you make it funny....

Here's a government/paperwork story.

After one of our moves when Matt was in the Army, we changed our address information through all of the proper channels.

After which for 1 full year we received monthly letters AND phone calls asking us to update our address.

It took us one year to make someone up there understand that since they were sending the letters to our new address and calling us at our new phone number, that they had all the info they were wanting so desperately.

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