Thursday, April 16, 2009

Early 90s Pop Music, Our Foundingest Father, Tea Baggers, and I Get Attacked By A Bush (kinda like Iraq)

BLOG FUNK, in addition to being a great name for a rock band, is apparently an acute illness that has kept me away from the blogo-cylinder sphere for a few weeks.  I might blame it on the rain because it worked for Milli Vanilli, and it’s definitely a legit excuse, in fact it may just be 2Legit2Quit.  But it’s been raining non-stop here since the 1760’s so I really can’t claim that one.  But let’s get past the excuse making and update you on a few key events over the past couple weeks that you desperately need to hear about, . . . or maybe not . . . but I’m still gonna write about them anyway, cuz I gotta get back on the old blog horse…

  • March Madness – This is the part where I invited around 100 of my closest friends (63 of which were brave enough to accept) to pick their brackets (there are worse things to pick, you know that).  The other part of the 12th annual tournament is that they got to watch Traci DESTROY me in the standings by finishing in 2ND FREAKIN’ PLACE while I was in 57th.  You’d think I’d be discouraged, . . . and you’d be correct.  I’m still happy for her though – in the same way that I’m happy for her when she beats me at anything else.
  • Last Saturday the clouds parted for a few seconds and we squeezed in some yard work.  I was restacking some logs and somehow grabbed a tiny, “Prickly Bush” (this is the Bush who hasn’t been President . . . yet) with my bare hand.  These bad boyz are actually poisonous on top of being, well . . . prickly.  So that part was fun.
  • I finished a book about George Washington.  This book was written about his life even before he was on our dollar bill.  I wonder what they did without money?  Apparently he was called “His Excellence” from the very start of the Revolutionary War.  I tried to get the people I lived with to call me that, but to my shock, I was pretty much ignored and/or laughed at.  Perhaps I should go lead a revolution somewhere, perhaps in Texas.  I also learned that on his deathbed he was actually tortured by board-certified doctors who thought they could cure him by draining his blood into a bucket.  So I’m good with not being exactly like GW.
  • On that revolutionary note, today it took me like 23 minutes longer than usual to get home because of the mass tea-party protesters on the corner by my office.  (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you should read up on it a bit here or here depending on your political persuasion)  As the traffic moved slower than my children headed to bed I thought the hand-made signs were pretty good and the people seemed quite reasonable.  I just had to discount the tea bags hanging from their ears – I’m not sure that did much for credibility.  This being Seattle though, I saw more than one driver-by encourage the crowd by offering a single-fingered-salute.  I hope that same person then went home and did some quick math on how long they will have to save to pay off our little national debt.
  • Also, I may or may not be 207 pages into a certain book about teenage, vegetarian vampires.  You can count on a thorough and completely unbiased review in the new future . . . if I am in fact reading it.

So there’s a little update.  A couple of you have sent in questions recently, and you’ll be getting answers (of a sort) soon.  Remember to send in your questions/comments/feedback/rants/recipes to

So until next time, May you all avoid the prickly bushes and I hope you have better doctors than our First President did.


millerjk said...

Hey! You're alive! You have not been swallowed by all the moving boxes.

rlsecor said...

Sometimes life sucks you dry and the blog funk sets in quick....

I will definately be looking forward to your review of the book you may or may not be reading.

I offer my sincere consolation re: March Madness - my DH beats the crud out of me at everything I do with him and then wonders why I don't want to play :) So I feel your pain.

It was fun to play along though!

agm said...

Hmmmm. . . I am very interested to see the review that you may or may not write and may or may not post of the teenage vampire book that you may or may not be reading.

I had to laugh at the 23 minutes - my watch doesn't have numbers on it, so I can't even tell the difference between 8 & 9 (10 & 11, 1 & 2, and 4 & 5 are particularly difficult, too).

JJ said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you've been busy. I can't wait, like the rest of your readers, to read your upcoming book review...maybe - once you admit to having read it.

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