Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Big Wrap Up – The First Annual HTF Fantasy Football League

Well, the epic first annual HTF Fantasy Football League has come to a close.  In fitting fashion, Emmy (Blue Blood) was our league champion after being in first place for much of the season.  Congrats to her!!  Christy, with her losing record and 8th seed in the playoffs blew through the post-season and captured 2nd – a fairly remarkable accomplishment.  Also, shout out to the Trainspotters (Mark & Rhoopa) who made a big run and landed the bronze medal!


image   image

Fittingly I landed at the bottom, kinda disappointing, but you certainly can’t accuse me of dominating the fantasy rookies – more like the other way around.

THANK YOU to those of you who played along!  I know that a lot of you did it with serious trepidation, but stuck it out.  I also know we’ve created a few new fantasy football freaks with this, so that’s cool too.  We’re only 8 months away from the next draft!!


fantasy football freak no. 1 said...

Eight months?!!!! I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms: I keep dropping and adding my cats to my home roster, I cut my hair into a mullet (for extra power and speed), I cut my cats' hair into mullets ('cause it looks awesome), & I keep stumbling around my house and mumbling, "Megatron. Must. Get. Megatron." Actually, I should clarify - I'm only doing that when I'm not shaking my fist at the TV yelling, "BOB COSTAS!" (Kinda like when Seinfeld always said, "NEWMAN!")

Thanks for organizing it Frogster- it was so much fun!! And big congrats to the top three!!

JJ said...

Thank you for my inagural run at Fantasy Football. I actually enjoyed myself most of the time and found myself caring more about games I would normally never care about. Let's do it again!

Emmy said...

Yes it has been fun! Thanks for getting me into it.. and yes winning did make it even more fun :)

CM said...

I'm already working on my strategory for next season. Also gotta look into that "brain trust" idea - as my roster proves, I am NOT good at making decisions on who to play! It was a lot of fun - and I still think for the draft next season we should compete by picking our favorite color and voting on that. At least now I know it doesn't really matter what order you go in - what a crazy game!

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