Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Helping with the CountDown, Winning a Prize, and a big Gracias

This morning I found myself watching VH1’s best videos of 2009.  I wasn’t really that interested, but there’s something about those countdown show were you just HAVE to know who wins, even if it is stupid Lady GaGa.  Her video that they showed was more “troubling” than “good.”  But I can’t claim a lot of shock there.

Anyway, with the year wrapping up it’s time to do my own little countdown of the best HTF posts of 2009.  And like last year I’m asking for your help to do it (via an unashamed bribe).  Please post a comment or send an e-mail with your top 3-10 HTF posts of 2009 – assuming you actually liked any of them.  Everyone who does will be entered into a drawing for a sweet Amazon.com gift card redeemable for pretty much anything – I’ve learned this holiday season that you can literally buy ANYTHING on there.  Last year the participation was great and my awesome sister-in-law won the drawing.  The final date for entries will be Dec 27th.

I also wanted to sincerely thank the few of you who read the blog for sticking with me this year, especially those who linked to me, sent in questions, or posted comments.  It’s been a pretty wild one and the posts have come out in spurts, and a few of them certainly made little to no sense.  I even toyed with hanging up the blog thing for a time.  But still, you’ve stuck with me – meaning you are both patient and easily-entertained!  (these are qualities that are great at holiday parties as well)

I’ve always been super-lucky to have the best friends in the world (that includes my family).  Some of you who’ve known me for a while know that to be true.  Not sure how that’s happened, but it’s a huge deal to me.  So I say gracias, sincerely.

Now, enough with sappiness!  Send in those entries and win a prize.  Then you can get back to the fun of the holidays – meaning we eat stuff we shouldn’t and get presents that we never would’ve purchased for ourselves (this could be good or bad).


agm said...

So glad you didn't give up the blog! I always love seeing new posts - you're such a great writer. Thanks for all of the chortles, the HTF FF league, and for naming my brick (RIP)!!!

So I totally forgot until yesterday that I had that Google Reader thing, but it was totally nifty - I could just scroll down the HTF Memory Lane & pick out my favorites. So here they are:

3. Worse Reasons to Need A Bath
2. The one where you moved into a storage closet- HA!

And the Number 1 on my list . . .


(Honorable mentions to the Russian Spa and the Race to the Red Box (AKA "Which Mountain"- HA!)

agm said...

Oooooh, I totally forgot the shower curtain and the chicken feet!! I'm blaming Google Reader and/or Kyle Orton.

Gr8Life said...

You are always amusing to read. But I really Love these Post.
1. Moldy Cheese & Jedi Training Camp in the back of the mini-van
2. Earl & Dumbledore are in Cahoots
3. Our own Criminal Mastermind....but not really

You must keep up your blog it's so light hearted & delightful to read!
Keep up the good work!

CM said...

3. So, HTF What Did You Do On Your Day Off? The comparison of the corporate bus to the bus full of small boys was hilarious! Especially needing "a quiet shower" afterward.

2. Earl and Dumbledore Are In Cahoots! This probably took some actual research, so props for that. And who else can make Iranian politics somewhat entertaining?

1. The Dangers of Rock-Skipping. EVERY TIME I picture Traci throwing a small rock at you as hard as she possibly can it makes me laugh - and I've done it a lot! And her explanation is classic! Of course, it's funny because you weren't mortally wounded or anything..it's a good thing to know next time you need a roll thrown to you from the other end of the dinner table!

rlsecor said...

Here are my top 6

1 -For Creativity, Candor &
causing giggles
Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your Groove On At A Church Dance

2 - because I love words!
The Self-Answering Question and Questionable Words

3 - because this made me LMAO!
Exposed by a Chicken and Cool-looking Continents

4 - For its "Nostalgic & Sweet"-ness
Those Glorious Days of Cleaning Toilets and Mopping Floors

5 - Giggles and Candor, again
What do Walruses have to do with dating?

6 - Because this is just too funny and sad!
There’s Nothing Quite Like A New Office, Especially This One

Kellie Miller said...

HTF does a review…and surrenders the man card
The question is, have you got the man card back yet?

Russians Attack Me With Ice Water And Eucalyptus
Russian Banyas...we have friends who swore by them, I on the other hand just swore not to go. But if we ever make it back to Russia you will have to come and experience a true Russian banya.

Daddy’s In Charge (sorta) and Racing for a Mountain
Not quite as good as when Traci came to see me when Liam was born and asked you if you knew what to do if you ran out of food. The question...what kind of list did she make for you this time?!

The Dangers of Rock Skipping
Yep, Traci pleads innocence, but we all know better!

Have enjoyed reading you again this year. Alwasy good for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Here are just a few that I loved. There were so many I could have included. I love your blog and wish you'd write more frequently. I especially love the posts about our family. What great memories!

Here's my list in no particular order (well, chronological I suppose):
The Siege At the Residence Inn
Who knew? Not Me
All Dressed Up And In a Hurry – Church & Why I Need A Sports Car To Get There
The TSD (Temporarily-Single-Daddy) Update
Daddy’s In Charge (sorta) and Racing for a Mountain
You Put WHAT In Your Nose?!
Those Glorious Days of Cleaning Toilets and Mopping Floors
The Museum I Hope to Never Patronize On Purpose Again

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