Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Duke of Chutney Visits HTF

You have to admit that every once in a while you think about being royalty of some sort where everyone does exactly what you tell them to and you have to wear fake wigs and/or be deeply involved in scandalous scandals.  Well, I’m happy to report that a royal(ish) reader of the blog dropped a note in the old HTF mailbox recently that I’d like to share with the people:


I am relieved to know you will continue blogging.  While I cannot regularly follow your blog, I do like to catch up on “missed episodes”.  Also, I have come to rely heavily on Facebook to let me know when there is a new post.

I do have two questions, both related to your still-recent-in-my-mind relocation to the Pacific Northwest.

1. Do Seahawks like the taste of frogs?

2. Is there any truth to the rumor that a rogue faction of your local cherry population [Bing Cherries] is preparing to sue Microsoft over the name of its new(est) search engine?  The word among the trees is that Sergey Brin and Larry Page are funding these litigious efforts, sort of like this guyimage and this guy imagefund these guys.


Sir Reginald

Duke of Chutney

Well, your Dukeness, thanks for the questions.  I’d like to write for a while about how funny the word “Chutney” is, but I’ll restrain myself.  On question 1, it’s kinda complicated.  But using BING I did some high quality research and found this:

“Seahawk is but one of many nicknames for the awesome Osprey (Pandion haliaetus). This large, long-winged bird of prey cuts a striking figure, dark chocolate brown above and white below with a strong black line through its eye.”

So think about it – words like “large” or “awesome” or “striking figure” or “dark chocolate brown.”  Clearly I am a Seahawk, so NO I don’t like the flavor of frogs!  But I do enjoy a little air hockey game with them once in a while.

On your second great question I have to withhold most comments except to say that your analogy is a strong one.  Also, that I’m quite certain the Bing Cherries and the “New Search Engine” folks have agreed that name sharing isn’t gonna be a big problem since MOST people don’t try to eat Search Engines AND it’s hard to type on a cherry (or an Apple…  Smile).

Thanks for the questions your Worshipfulness, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Blog Schedule Police said...

Great letter from the DOC!

I enjoy playing air hockey with frogs, too - your tadpoles have mad air hockey skillz. And while the smallest one's frog legs may not be long enough to threaten anyone in air hockey, she was very supportive nonetheless. And not to mention very cute when she kept taking off her little pink tennis shoes, which she described to me as "very special" to her. hahahah

By the way, don't think that I didn't notice your recruitment action for the PMP FF League!! Sign me UP! I am THERE! It is ON! I will actively recruit (and maybe pay) strangers off the street just so that I can resume my throne as the Waiver Wire Queen. I am armed and possibly slightly dangerous with a substantial amount of Jspeck FF intel. Can't wait!!

rlsecor said...

I don't know if I qualify to respond to such royal postings... there is in my blood lines a Duke of Hastings as well as a Channel and a Battle - and we did recently make large HATS and wear them to Bread Co. and try to act royal...

and I am not so worried about the bing cherries any way - they can come or go - but stay away from the Ranier Cherries, they're all mine, stay away!

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