Saturday, July 17, 2010

Semi-Important Blog Update – and a mention of glowing zebras

A few of you have been reading along with HTF for quite a while – and while I don’t really understand why you do that, I sincerely appreciate it.  (I suspect it’s similar to the reasons that I walk by the TV while my kids are watching super-confusing shows on the cartoon network about imaginary creatures going to school in outer-space and having zany adventures involving fish and/or glowing zebras – and I struggle to pull my eyes away.)  Lately, due to my lack of, you know, writing, AND my lack of writing things worth reading – the readership has dropped off quite a bit.  So I’m kinda at a tipping point where I’m deciding whether to hang it up or not.  I’m not sure blogs are as popular as they once were.  We spend WAY more time on the Facebook reading 12 word updates about what people are eating and the fascinating weather events in their cities.  I think our attention span has shortened – I proved this scientifically the other day by noticing that I’d just scrolled through status updates and ONLY read the ones that were 2 lines or less.  If it was over 2 lines I clearly didn’t have the time. 

Anyway, here’s what I’ve decided to do – I’m gonna try to get the blog going again.  To do this I’m going to impose a bit of schedule on myself – which you should know is physically painful to me.  But I will suffer for the readers because I can pander with the best of them – particularly since each of you is so fabulous looking and insanely intelligent. 

  • I will post blogs each Monday morning (might be Sunday night depending on your time zone) and Thursday morning.
  • I’ll try to get more action in the old HTF mailbag – as source of many, um, words in the past.
  • If events dictate – Like when the Blagovitch hair thing happened – I’ll be drop in a bonus post now and then.
  • I’ll do way more linking and ask other people to be guest posters – I’m hoping this will, you know, increase the level of goodness on the blog

As a pseudo-gift I just posted the long-awaited (ok, that’s a huge overstatement) New HTF Playlist on the right side there.  Hope you dig it. 

Much luv.


agm said...

I'm SO glad that you aren't hanging up the blog! And it's nothing like those Saturday morning shoes. Or shows. We read it because you always make us laugh or have some interesting commentary. Or laughably interesting commentary. Wait, that didn't sound right. Or interesting laughable commentary. Okay, I'm so confused now.

I'm just trying to say that it's great, & I'm SO glad you're still writing. Plus, where else can I read someone else write the words, "AGM" and "Fantasy Football" and "The Best That Ever Played" and "We're Not Worthy of Even Being in the Same League as Her, Let Alone Breathing in the Same Air as Her"??? Ahhhh... it feels so good to finally smack talk again - I have been going through withdrawal!! hahahahha

Next week should give you plenty of blog fodder for sure!! I'm also still lobbying to see more interviews like you did with the Specks. That made me laugh a lot.

By the way - I LOVE THE NEW PLAYLIST!! Four Non Blondes????! Seriously??! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of like the 20 songs I was listening to nonstop circa my grunger days in college!

Oh, & I totally noticed that the HTF mailbox is open again for business ... I have tons of questions I need answered HA HA HA HA HA (evil laugh) [rubbing hands together gleefully]!

That one kid's dad said...

Since stringing more than two sentences together is more than most Americans are capable of, that sort of puts the kibosh on the future of blogging.

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