Tuesday, July 17, 2007

6 Year Old Birthday, and I'm a Rock Star

Last week our Braeden turned 6. It was a beautiful thing to watch. We had a baseball-themed party for him in the gym at church. He had a ball, but got a little frustrated with us having he and his friends play games while there were perfectly good presents piled up ready to be opened. As a result he kinda moped for a bit, but eventually got better - the healing power of opening presents I guess. That evening he walked up to me, unsolicited, and said, "Daddy, this was the best birthday ever." Yeah, so that made it worth whatever effort and money we (by which I mean Traci) put into it.

On Sunday we had our family party to celebrate my Dad's b-day too. (they're both July 11th) Braeden got more cool stuff. One of his favorites was a 3-foot-tall plush penguin. He quickly named him "Pen-gwee." (that's along the line of "wormy" and "fishy" - you get the naming convention.) Later that night the named changed to "Happy." And last night when I referred to Happy, Braeden corrected me and let me know that the name was now, obviously, "Nick." Of course it is . . .

Somehow though, one of the items that has given my little man the most glee was a Shrek card from my parents that sings, "All-Star" by Smashmouth when you open it. He can't get enough of that thing. Last night he walked up to me and said,

"Daddy . . . You know what you are?"
"What Braeden?"
He opened the card and it sang those profound words: "Hey now you're an All-Star . . ."
So I said, "I'm an all-star?"
He emphatically said, "No way, Daddy - Keep Listening!"
Then we hear, "Hey now you're a Rock Star . . ."
He says, "See Daddy, you're a Rock Star!!!"

So now everyone knows.


Sarah said...

We love that Boy!! He is so funny! I am glad to know I now have 3 rock star brothers....

Mom said...


Ethan said...

I like Braeden because he's crazy.

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