Thursday, July 19, 2007

Backseat Quoters

This afternoon we (the entire O-Town crew) loaded up in the minivan and drove to Omaha for a mini-vacation. It's entirely possible that we're the only people to ever vacation in Omaha, Nebraska, but well, . . . It's close, and it's cheap. Just a few minutes after we pulled out of the driveway for our 3 hour drive the quotes started flying from the miniature backseat judges. Traci had the wise idea to make note of the best of 'em. Most of these insightful questions came out about 5 minutes after we left:

1. Is this the way to the hotel?

2. Can I have something to eat?

3. How long does it take? (Traci answered "3 hours") How long has it been then? (Traci answered 5 minutes)

4. Is this the right way?

And of course:

5. Are we there yet? (repeated roughly 4,879 times between Kansas City and Omaha, beginning in our neighborhood)

As we were driving through downtown Kansas City . . .

6. Where are we? To which I sarcastically answered "New York City"
Sydney's response: "Wow" "Ooohhh"

7. I gotta go now, . . . bad!! (3 of the 4 kids said this multiple times)

8. It's taking FOREVER (20 minutes into the drive)

Pulling into the hotel parking lot . . .

9. Is this Omaha? (Said by Sydney with wonder and amazement in her voice)

10. (Said by my 7 yr-old, Ethan right before going to bed in the hotel room) - I looked at the room service, it's not that expensive!

So as you can see, my kids are keen observers of their environment and a joy to travel with.

I'll have more quotes tomorrow - the Zoo is always good for that!

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Sarah said...

Scott, This is hilarious. Your kids crack me up. I am so glad that Traci wrote all of this down. My favorite is Sydney's reaction to KC as NYC. I can just see her face! Give them hugs and kissses from us!

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