Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The only guy . . .

Traci has successfully talked me into taking "resistance training" class with her at the YMCA. I prefer to call it weight lifting. Resistance training sounds significantly less manly . . . and I guess that's the point, cuz I've been about 7 times now and the class is 99.99999% female. I'm a pretty secure guy, but I gotta admit to feeling kinda odd on Monday when the class was so packed that we ran out of weight bars. Yeah, as a substitute people were lifting chairs, large purses, even some of the smaller kids from the nursery - it was that busy. Anyway, the only spot left was right in the front/middle behind the teacher. As you might say, quarters were close. And you guessed it, in this room of 3,000 or so (yes, I'm exaggerating, Traci) women, I was the only guy. And not only that, my position in the room made me feel like everyone was looking at me, because, well, they were. It was unavoidable. The instructor is cool and knows me by name, cuz I'm the only "Scott" in the room I suppose. But I was kinda weirded out that day. Guys out there, comment for me - how would you feel? Traci thinks I'm just crazy.
Anyway, I did my little sweat thing for an hour and scurried out of the mirrored room as quickly as I could. From now on I'll keep going, but the class will be called CO-ED WEIGHT LIFTING. (at least in my little mind)


Josh said...

Totally valid concern. Your only hope of preserving your masculinity in this situation is tattoos or picking fights in front of the class.

Anonymous said...

Don't have much to say except that the men need to get with the exercise program. I regularly mountain bike with a lot of women. Needless to say they are all much younger, prettier, and much better rider then I. And my sweet, beautiful wife is the best of all.

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