Monday, March 14, 2005

The Bermuda Triangle of Toilet Plungers

So I left early for some church meetings yesterday (Sunday) and at about noon or so when I got back to my car I checked my cell phone’s voicemail – I had a message from my wife frantically asking me where the toilet plunger was, because there was a, um . . . need. At some point recently we had two toilet plungers, but I believe our 18-month-old daughter has seen fit to cunningly hide these along with several other items in a secret location known only to her and her ever-present sippy cup. As if to show her absolute power, this morning my car keys were also mysteriously missing. I have some ideas of what other items I might find if I knew the top secret location where these things are hidden from the world:

  • - The Kansas City Chief’s Defense
  • - Bill Clinton’s moral compass & Bill O’Reiley’s humility
  • - The US-European Alliance
  • - BYU Football Pride
  • - 5.25” Floppy Discs
  • - Bipartisanship
  • - My hairbrush
  • - Bobby Knight’s softer/rational side
  • - Defense in the NBA
  • - “Car Phones”
  • - Media Objectivity
  • - Michael Jackson’s real face

Of course, these are items that may never be heard from again . . .

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