Friday, March 04, 2005

The whole blog thing

A little chunk of most of my days is spent reading blogs. Most of them are popular (political) blogs and newsfeeds. As you've noted, it's been like 2+ months since I posted anything. I had a little flurry of activity at the first of the year and then . . . nada. Let me tell you why - I struggle with putting stuff up here, which is easy but takes some effort, when I am really guessing that literally nobody will ever read it. I know that's not the whole purpose, but it certainly matters. I see that there are millions and millions of blogs out there, and I don't care much that many folks read mine. My kinda audience that I think about is just my friends and family - you know who you are. That’s about it. I’m gonna start putting stuff up here again, so let me know if you’re reading this at all. I’m assuming no one is, and that’s alright. But maybe that’ll change if I put stuff up here worth reading.

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