Friday, March 04, 2005

News People Omitting the News from the Newscast

I don't often get to watch the network nightly newscasts, but I was passing by the TV last night and Peter Jennings (ABC) was on and he started talking about Alan Greenspan opening his mouth. I’m a geeky economics guy, so that stopped me for a moment. I had read reports on the internet, but I wanted to hear Peter repeat the news I’d heard. The big headline was that Alan said we gotta fix social security right now and the private accounts are a decent way to do it. He also talked about the nasty deficit, which is one area where I think our government (President, Congress, everybody) has failed us. But the big headline in most news sources was Social Security. But not with our friend Peter Jennings, all he could talk about was the Bush deficits and how huge they are and how they will destroy our country . . . something to that effect. Did he mention the major news about Greenspan publicly commenting on Social Security and Private Accounts? Nope. Nothin’. That really bugged me. You don’t have to say you agree, but Greenspan is kinda important and when he talks about stuff like this it is NEWS, so report it.

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