Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Extreme Multitasking

We all work and live in a world where people are multitasking constantly. My guilty habits are texting or watching video podcasts while driving. Bad, I know. But yesterday I happened upon something that made me understandably uncomfortable. I walked in the men's room (isn't that a funny term?) at work. There are like 6 urinals (another word that gives chuckles . . . wouldn't it be a good name for a pro baseball team - like the Louisville Urinals!) in this restroom. I walked in on a guy who was "stationed" at one of these urinals and talking on his bluetooth headset WHILE HE WAS TEXTING on his phone with his "free hand." Not cool at all. He even took time to give me a head nod, which I didn't want at all. I quickly made my way out of there.


Sarah said...

This is hilarious....and soon you will be one of them Scott....driving and texting at the same time NOT COOL!! I read a report that cell phones are one of the most germ infested objects that we carry around....and now we know why!

Ethan said...

who's phone is that?

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