Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You want me to look at WHAT?!

(This post was originally removed by Traci because of "icky content." I don't blame her though, cuz she heard the story without the punchline at the end. You'll get it when you read . . .)

A couple of nights ago Ethan, our 8 yr old who had been taking a shower in our bathroom, came running out into the hall yelling (at the top of his now fully-developed lungs):

Him: "Daddy, Daddy, you gotta come see this!!"

Me: "What is it, Ethan?"

Him: "A FLOATER in your bathroom, a huge one."

Now if you're a guy, or if you ever think like a guy you'll know the unpleasant image that flashed in my mind. If you're not, you can quit reading now, cuz this posting won't make much sense or be very entertaining.

Me: "You want me to look at WHAT?!"

Him: "Just come, Daddy, hurry, it's getting away, and it's all different colors!!"

At this point the image in my head was way too weird, so I decided I'd better play along, despite what I might be about to see. So I entered the bathroom. To my surprise he was looking out the window (as opposed to where I assumed he'd be positioned). The "Floater" was his name for a huge hot-air-balloon that was making its way over my neighborhood. In my relief, and through tears of laughter, I quickly taught my son the proper name for what we were looking at.

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millerjk said...

As Alex PROUDLY describes what she finds in the bathroom as big or small, with accompanying hand motions, I can just imagine what you thought was coming...

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