Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fun with the Sneak-Peak

We had our “sneak peek” at the elementary school last night where we met the new teachers, saw a bunch of the school friends/parents, and ate ice cream and cookies. A pretty successful deal I’d say. I was feeling a little bit for the teachers though – they essentially have the same conversation 20+ times which includes statements such as:

“Hi (Insert child’s name here), I’m Mrs. Snicklefritz (not an actual name)”

“We’re excited to have you in class” (not sure who the “we” is)

I was thinking that the teachers should have a little more fun with it and say things like:

“Sometimes I sleep in and don’t make it to school until around lunch time, but I’m sure the kids will find something to do.” OR

“We’ll be spending at least 3 hours on interpretive-dance each day” OR

“I really like letting poisonous reptiles roam around in the classroom, I hope that’s ok.”

Anyway, just thought that would make things more fun for our teachers because it's always good to make that great first impression.

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