Monday, August 27, 2007

Worst Tooth Fairy Ever

We have a little problem at our house. Santa Claus works out fine each year, but we have, literally, the worst tooth fairy ever. I don't know what is up with her. (when I say "her" I mean it to be gender-neutral for obvious reasons) Our tooth fairy has been know to "forget" about dried-up, nasty teeth under little boy's pillows for days and days. These are the same little boys who, in their prayer right before they lay down at night, BEG for the tooth fairy to not be too busy to make it to our house. Last week Braeden lost a tooth - the first one he'd ever pulled out completely on his own. This was a supernal moment for him, and he immediately began talking about the impending visit from the ever-so-lame tooth fairy. When he woke up the next morning, true-to-form, the tooth in the zip-loc bag was still under there . . . and no money. He protested to Traci. Since Traci and I are the tooth fairy's helpers she encouraged him to go back and look again. (of course she offered this suggestion after she had "visited" the pillow herself) To Braeden's shock, and glee, there was a dollar now, magically, under the pillow. But he was suddenly confused too.

You see, the tooth in the baggy was still there.



millerjk said...

I sense a dental theme happening...
By the time your tooth fairy gets the hang of this, your kids will be out of teeth!
Enjoying your stories, I can just picture the kids in their antics and hear you telling them the story.

mk3morrow said...

It must be genetic. We have the same problem with our tooth fairy. It's become such a problem that our 11 yr. old (at the time) decided to take matters into her own hands and HELP the tooth fairy out. Luckily our younger children bought the story that by living overseas it took longer for the tooth fairy to get to us. Unfortunately, that excuse is no longer an option or help.

millerjk said...

Does that mean I am in trouble since this is genetic? If my two sisters can't remember, I am doomed by the time my kids start loosing teeth. I'll have to remember the overseas trick as most of the teeth should be lost overseas.

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