Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quick hits

- A while ago Traci hurt her big toe - to the point that she lost the nail. Over the last several months she's frequently complaining the people keep stepping on it, over and over. Yesterday she showed it to me and sure enough, it's nicely bruised. The funny part is that she's convinced there's some kind of a vast conspiracy (right wing or otherwise) out there focused on stepping on her toe. She says that people (by which she loosely means kids) she doesn't even know will find some way to "randomly" step on or otherwise injure that big toe. Next week we'll probably have dudes in black suits showing up with sledgehammers asking to inspect Traci's feet.

- So I'm sitting in an Omaha hotel room again, Traci is at the temple and the TV and I are doing our best to entertain the kids while we wait for mommy. Yesterday Allison, our 22 month old, did, well, "poo poo on the potty" for the very first time. (I never want to know how many times I've used that phrase in my life, but it's a huge number) Well, a few minutes ago Allison decided to remove her diaper and show us her "poo poo prowess" by doing a live demonstration here in the hotel room. Luckily I was able to intercede before things got too, well, messy. Did I mention how glad I am that this is our last potty-training experience?

- Ethan is about to try to order room service again, beginning with desserts. That'll eat up the tooth fairy money pretty quickly.

- Preseason football started this week. It feels like life is good again!

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