Saturday, February 02, 2008

Electoral Pessimism

Some of you who have been following the blog for a little while have read a few of my election rants. I almost wrote another post about it after the Florida Primary, but I was worried a bit too much emotion would come through. So here are just a few of my thoughts:
  • If John McCain in the guy, it may well be the end of the Republican Party for years to come. Typical conservatives will have no idea who to vote for.
  • If it's McCain, I will vote for Obama. Not sure what to do if it's McCain/Clinton.
  • I'm convinced that Huckabee made a secret deal with McCain to stay in the race just to siphon votes from Romney. He has no chance and zero national appeal, so he's just out there wasting other people's money and making sure that what's left of the conservative vote gets split up and confused. If the secret deal involved the VP slot on the ticket I might even vote for Hilary.
  • It's not being talked about quite as much as a few weeks ago, but anyone looking at this objective would say that if Romney wasn't a Mormon he'd have the nomination locked up already.
  • So we've been given even more reason to question the collective judgment of people in Iowa and Florida. Look at history - these are not the wisest voters we've ever seen.
  • The media loves McCain. And so do Democrats because they know, correctly, that if he's the guy, the Republicans will be even less excited about voting than they already are . . . which is really saying something (go look at the turnout so far).
  • Romney is going to get a lot of votes on Tuesday, and a bunch of delegates, I sure hope he keeps on fighting. He really is our only hope.
  • Talk radio, which I admit is not exactly home to the clearest minds in the world, is going crazy against McCain and for Romney. I'm talking about Rush, Hannity, Beck . . . all those guys. That's good I guess. For once I agree with them. But it almost comes off sounding like the anti-endorsement that undermines credibility. (such as when McCain was endorsed by the New York Times and, seemingly, Bill Clinton)
  • And in the ultimate sign to how crazy this all is, Ann Coulter (an admitted Romney supporter) said that if it's McCain, she'll even vote for Hilary. That one game me pause. She says, "Hilary's more conservative than he is . . . I will campaign for Hilary." Watch the video.

So I'm not making predictions for Tuesday, but I'm trying to keep my pessimism about what's going on in check a bit. As you can tell, it's getting more and more difficult . . .

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