Thursday, February 07, 2008

Graceful Exit

There's almost always at least one person who doesn't win in every election, and typically a lot more than one. Well today was the day we kinda saw coming starting late Tuesday night. I was walking by a TV monitor at work and saw the "breaking news" (I'm really tired of that phrase) that Mitt was suspending his campaign. Not a shocker at all, but I have been surprised all day about how frustrated, mad, and more than anything, sad, I've been since I heard the news. At least a dozen people asked me about it today and the radio and internet were obviously buzzing about it, so it was kinda inescapable. But there was something kinda cathartic in talking/hearing about it. Most outlets say it was a "graceful exit" and he left on good terms with the party and even with some begrudging respect from Johnny and the Huck. So I'm left to ponder about what's next politically for the guy I still believe would be one of our best presidents ever. A few scenarios:
  • Mitt gets offered the VP slot with McCain - I really don't see this. There is genuine loathing there going both directions, not that that's a deal breaker. But I suspect Johnny will need to get someone from the South who all those folks recognize as a "conservative." I must admit I'm not really sure what that word means anymore.
  • Mitt gets offered the VP slot with McCain and says NO. The calculation here would be that Mitt thinks the Dems are gonna win anyway. (the most likely outcome IMO) so why go through the pain. Also, see previous loathing comment along with my next bullet point.
  • Mitt runs against the incumbent dem in 2012. I actually found a bunch of articles on this today, with decent support. I know that's a LONG ways off and a bunch of things will change, but why not dream . . . Also, a big problem for him this time was name recognition, and that won't be as big an issue in four years. Alas, he'll still probably be a Mormon in 4 years, so that'll discount his candidacy yet again.
  • Other ideas I heard today: her runs for the senate replacing Bennett in Utah, he challenges Harry Reid (also a Mormon . . . imagine how the press would handle that one!) for his seat in Nevada, or he gets to be the CEO of a major American car company and turns it around.
But whatever Mitt does, I'm still left with the choice of who to vote for. I said a couple of days ago that if McCain's the guy, I'm going Obama, but not Hilary. My wife called me today to talk about this and she made the marvelous point that we really can't afford to do that because of Iraq. If we just walk away that would be a horrific policy. (don't I have an amazing wife?!) So, I'm recanting, kinda. I may actually vote for McCain. His VP is going to get a lot of scrutiny simply because John is so old. That's fair. If Huck is the guy - McCain WON'T get my vote. (for more background on my lack of Huck luv read my previous election posts) If it's somebody else, I'd probably vote for them. For one, tremendously simple reason - I think they'll keep my family safer than Hilary or Obama. That may be the only reason. I will admit though, I am toying with writing in Mitt's name on the ballot, and I'm also thinking (as mad as this may make some of you) of not voting at all. Something about that feels morally reprehensible. But it would actually express almost exactly what I feel. The jury is still out for what I'll do in November . . .

Anyway, for me the "fun" of the election is gone now. What's left is the serious business of hoping the country doesn't do something stupid. Hopefully people in Iowa and Florida don't get to vote. (totally kidding) Thanks to all of you who have supported Mitt one way or another. B, you won't have Romney and I to kick around anymore, so you win and I lose. I can take it, I just pray that our country can.


Morgan said...

Man, I can't even tell you how upset I am that things didn't go our way with Mitt.

Trevor said...

I too went though the debacle of who to vote for. Tracy had a good point about Iraq but the kicker for me was the fact that I can not vote for someone that endorses a national health care system. Health care is too detailed, too expensive, and too important to be run by something as inefficient as the US government.
So like McCain or not, I'm going to have to vote republican.

Rose said...

Scott - I enjoyed the last few blogs and your political analysis. Thanks for reminding me and sharing. Sorry about your man Mitt. I kind of agree that the options are few and far between this year. If only Brownback would have had more supporters :( .

Rose K

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