Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Night Happiness

I liked High School. I really did. It's a been some years since I roamed the halls of Olathe South and hung out with my always-cool friends on the weekends. I'm realizing tonight that the number of years since then must be really getting up there because it's Friday night and we have nothing to do and couldn't be happier about that. During high school I'd have rather you put a rabid scorpion in my pants than me have a Friday night with nothing to do. (Wouldn't "Rabid Scorpion Pants" be a good name for a rock band?) Remember those days? Back then we ALWAYS had plans, and even if we didn't I remember driving around with friends . . . just driving . . . with no destination or purpose at all. But we were DOING SOMETHING! Hanging out, cruising . . . whatever you wanted to call it. Oh I have plenty of high school stories that I could share about toilet paper, police interrogations, construction barrels, dating disasters, and, ... well, other stuff. But that's for another blog. (some of those are for after my own kids are done with their teenage years)

But I'm lucky enough to have found Traci since then, thank goodness. We can just BE . . . we don't have to DO all the time. So here we are on a Friday night, just chatting about whatever, listening to the kids mull around and enjoying every minute of it. We've got no real plans - and we're darn happy about it.

Peace out!


JJ said...

Are you remembering the ice storm of '93? If so, I'm offended.

By the way, I completely understand. Many a Friday night in our home is spent at home...and I truly enjoy it. Less stress, cheaper...I could go on and on.

You're as funny as ever and your blog is completely entertaining. Thanks!

millerjk said...

You are on a roll naming rock bands! Are you trying out a new profession?

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