Sunday, February 24, 2008

That was easy!

I've been going to church for all 32 of my years now. Some Sundays at church are longer than most days in the office. I'm not complaining, it's what I willingly signed up for. But sometimes I'll fess up to kinda going through the motions. Even though every Sunday is a little different, not much surprises me, but every now and then something happens at church that is most unexpected.

Today our concluding speaker got up and started his talk. He's a great, gregarious guy who I'll call Paul. Paul is new to our congregation, but I've been impressed with him and his family since they got here. He started out talking about dealing with some recent challenges in his new job, and he said he made a great find that week that fixed everything. He then pulled out a real-life "Easy Button" like you've seen in the Staples commercials. You push it and a calming, but confident male voice says, "That was easy." We don't usually use props in our church talks, but this was a marvelous one. His point was that life doesn't come with an "easy button," but that prayer and scripture study are decent substitutes. Great analogy. Then he surprised us by turning around and giving the three of us in the bishopric our very own "easy buttons" because of the stuff that we have to deal with from time to time. I'm all for gifts to the bishopric as part of talks from now on. Anyway, it was refreshing and surprising, and in a simple way it kinda made my day. So tonight when Traci told me to put the kids to bed I just hit the button and said, "Done."

"That was easy." Thanks, Paul!

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millerjk said...

If only it was that easy...I want an easy button!

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