Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you listening, ABC?

Since the last two posts had something to do with odd things about me people dancing, I figured that a third would make for a good rhythm, but let's not start calling it a theme, ok?  For this post we turn to the bursting-at-the-seams mailbag (henrythefrog@gmail.com):

Dear HTF:
Like you, I am a fan of DWTS (Dancing With The Stars). I’m already looking ahead to the next season, and was coming up with my own contestants (“stars”).
Sarah Palin – if she’s not too busy making policy with the Senate
Henry Paulson – he needs to milk his 15 minutes
John McCain? Um…no
Michael Phelps – and he has to wear all those medals for every dance
Joe The Plumber
Shannity – I’m sure he’s also a Great American Dancer
What do you think?

I like where you're going with this, CM.  As for me, I'm voting in favor of politicians having to compete on DWTS to be even allowed to run for anything.  And at at least 50% of every political ad has to include highlights from their "routines."  And the non-political types that you mentioned would be marvelous to watch get crazy on the hardwood.  Here are a few others I'd recommend:

  • David Gergen, cuz I'm told he's "smokin'"
  • Dick Cheney - if anyone can find him
  • Katie Couric
  • Billy Clinton - Just keep him away from the ladies changing area
  • And my favorite - let's match Hillary up with Rush Limbaugh and watch the "sparks" fly

As a tribute to the match made in heaven of politics and dancing I give you this:

Send your questions/comments/feedback into henrythefrog@gmail.com.  You're guaranteed to get the auto-response that I set up along with a new car of some sort.


agm said...

hahaha I'm loving that video and the shout out to all the Gergenistas!! It reminds me of the time on SNL when they did a Britney v. Justin dance-off. heh heh

All the Gergen fans in the house put your hands up!!!

JJ said...

And I thought the political debates were awkward and uncomfortable... Watching politicians try and dance would have me hiding under the covers.

Just imagine their discussions with the judges and hosts...they'd definitely have to add several hours to their programming time.

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