Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pretty Much Everything I Know About The Northwest

Today we're taking a peek into a recent note that hit the mailbag. Here it is:

Henry the Frog,

Now that you’ve spent a few days in the Northwest, what is it that you like? And what do you miss (or will miss) about living in Kansas?


Just as I spoke authoritatively for all Alaskans a couple weeks ago, I'm totally ready to tell everyone exactly what's great about the Northwest having spent quite a few consecutive hours here now. Here are some things that I like:

- It absolutely never rains here, despite what you all said to me several billion times before I moved here. I haven't seen a drop in ALL of my days (all 4 of them), so from that it's clear that you all lied to me.
- The Prius to SUV ratio here is like 102.7 to one. I remember when the hyper-popular-hybrids (a good name for a rock band) were an anomaly. Well here in Seattle they seem to be more ubiquitous than trees.
- In spite of some pretty gnarly traffic, things here are pretty easy to get to. Definitely not one of the more urban-spralish cities I've seen. In non-rush hour I'm like 20 minutes from most anywhere I wanna go . . . except Kansas City.

And now, what do I miss about KC (this is excluding people, I miss you all, and because you're reading my blog, I miss you more than all of the non-readers)?:

- There were no trees to block the view.
- In KC, "traffic" meant you could only go like 50 MPH
- The Chiefs BEAT DENVER last week - I remember how people were always noticeably happier on Mondays after a win, particularly a shocking one like that one.
- I didn't need a GPS to drive to work in KC
- I know I'm gonna miss the violent thunder-storms in the midwest. I think we may install a "tornado siren" in our new house here that I'll turn on periodically just for the rush of diving for cover in the basement (which we probably won't even have).

I'm sure I'll have some actual insights if you check back in with me in a few weeks.

Thanks for the question, TMP!

Please keep commenting and send in your questions/comments to

As for me, I'm gonna go throw away my umbrella now . . .


Hans-Juergen said...

Umbrellas are for girls anyway. Just invest in a parka with a water proof shell and a zip-out liner and some good hats.

Tatum Bell said...

I like the 102.7 reference - I see you are still a Jimmy Chunga fan

KC said...

Hi my friend! TGIF! Been thinking about you this week. I actually heard that Seattle got like 3-4 inches of rain, guess it's a big state. (should of listened more in school). I LOL'd about installing the tornado siren in your house. I will of course, text you when we do indeed go through those in DeSoto! I hope to hear from you and wonder how the house showings are going. I hope you have a great weekend. Maybe while you are away from Traci and the PACK you could pick up your running again, and try out for the Seattle Triathlon! Just my .02.

Julianna said...

hey scott! good luck!

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